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About Us



Albury Wodonga Community College is a dynamic and lively environment where there is always something going on. Check back here to see the latest News when it comes to Community Early years Childcare.

Our Philosophy


Mission statement:
Community Early Years Education and Care firmly believe in the importance of each individual child’s early years as the foundation for their future learning and development. The Educators at CEYEC have a shared set of values that endeavour to provide rich and nurturing environments that support children’s learning through play. We are committed to inclusive practices to ensure that all voices are heard and that each perspective is valued; we pride ourselves on our ability to work collaboratively with families and communities.


The Management and Educators at Community Early Years Education and Care share the following values as part of our every day practice whilst caring for and educating children.
1. We respect family cultural practices in each community and aim to build partnerships that promote inclusive environments for all children.
2. We aim to provide quality care and education and use a holistic approach to cater for the individual needs of the children, families and communities in which we operate.
3. Educators personal pedagogies aim to achieve child focused approaches by offering high quality education and care which reflects current practices, professional knowledge, the National Quality Standards, the Early Years Learning Framework and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework if applicable.
4. We acknowledge each child as an individual and we aim to fully support them to maximise their learning potential through experiences that reflect the children’s interests, strengths, challenges and are developmentally appropriate.
5. We value play as the means for learning and we recognise children learn by ‘doing’. Our programs will therefore encompass an educational curriculum that uses play as the basis for learning.


We will;
1. Encourage reciprocal relationships with families and communities which will build secure relationships that acknowledge and respect diversity.
2. Collaborate with individual communities to provide unique educational settings based on community needs.
3. Pride ourselves on being a professional learning community. We will actively seek out professional development opportunities and remain current with best practice.
4. Create a supportive environment where children can drive their own learning and develop their self identities and resilience.
5. Encourage children’s enthusiasm in fostering their own learning through the building of programs based on children‘s interests and developmental levels.


Closing statement:
As Educators at Community Early Years Education and Care we endeavour to instill passion into each child which encourages them to Belong, Be and Become!



Since 1974, Albury Wodonga Community College has become a significant local employer, with some 100 staff and over 50 trainers and assessors. 
With offices and facilities in Wodonga and Albury, the College also operates from 25 rural venues within a 100km radius of the main campus.
The College is a positive work environment with an excellent child care facility located on site for children aged six weeks to six years. 

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