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Alternative Learning

Alternative Learning


Albury Wodonga Community College provides key education programs that teach young people skills designed to aid education and employment.

These programs provide a new style of learning that can assist teenagers who struggled with school and adults who wish to return to study and complete their education.


Indie School


Every young person should have the ability to shine. Indie School is for young people aged between 15 and 19, who up until now, have been unable to complete their studies.  Indie School is not your traditional school but one with a philosophy based on choice, independence, mutual respect and accountability. 


Indie School also differs from conventional learning by limited class sizes, which allows students greater opportunity to identify their strengths and improve confidence. The result is a self belief that leads to higher levels of responsibility and greater freedoms. Indie School aims to close the gap and make up for previously unsatisfactory education experiences.


For more information about Indie School, follow the link to our website below.




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Let's Go


Let’s Go is an alternative "out of class" option for teenagers who have left school.

The program helps to improve life skills, employment skills, community engagement and also team work through a variety of projects, whilst helping prepare to transition back into a school.


Let’s Go is a mix of school curriculum, subjects, community based activities and some small group activities at either a community centre or other local learning facility.


Let’s Go seeks to help each student believe more in themself and to achieve their personal goals in education, work and life.


Let's Go can help if you have left school, or you are not living at home or you are a teenage parent, or have other reasons for not being at school but you want to further your education. 



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Our programs focus on improving literacy and numeracy skills with employment focused training and a Coach to provide one on one support individually and/or in small group sessions.


Our educational programs include the development of core skills in the areas of Learning, Reading, Writing, Oral Communication and Numeracy. The employment focused training components include developing employability skills in Communication, Teamwork, Problem solving, Initiative and enterprise, Planning and organising, Self-management, Learning and Technology.


Each course requires Learners to develop an Individual Learning Plan including setting and achieving goals. Learners individually discuss their end of course aims with their Coach, with possible options including further general education courses, specific courses related to an interest area or a job goal, or employment.



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Lifeworks helps adults to improve skills in writing, numeracy and literacy with a Coach as a mentor/assessor and a focus on workforce participation.


Lifeworks is a mix of community based and small group activities, at either a community centre or other local learning facility.


Lifeworks seeks to help each person believe more in themselves and to achieve their personal goals in work, education and life.


Whether you have left school early or are unemployed, this program can help you gain qualifications and confidence in the world of work opportunities.




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Australian College of Higher Education


The Albury Wodonga Community College provides key education programs including 2C4S, Let’s Go and Lifeworks that teach skills designed to support you in education and employment.
These programs assist students to improve their literacy and numeracy skills, with employment focused training. 
The Australian College of Higher Education supports a range of students, including those with special learning needs, youth who are disengaged or at risk of becoming disengaged from mainstream schools, students with diagnosed and undiagnosed learning disabilities and/or a mental illness and adults with low literacy and numeracy skills.
For more information please contact Reception.
Phone: (02) 6043 8200


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