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Education for all

In life, we never stop learning.


Learning is a process that teaches us skills we can apply at work and it improves the quality of our lives and the lives of others. 


Indie Education is an educational hub and home to a family of training and educational programs. Located in the heart of Wodonga, Indie Education provides learning services for all age groups, driven by a team that is dedicated and passionate about lifelong learning.  


Our programs cater for the needs and interests of young people, senior secondary school students in Years 9 to 12, the general community, third age learners, and adults with a disability in supported employment, training and lifestyle activities. 


We provide assistance to approximately 3,000 students and customers per year.

Our Directors

Indie Education has a broad cross section of board members with diverse business and educational backgrounds.


Each member contributes their time, insight and expertise into making the decisions necessary for the future success and direction of the organisation.


Current Directors of Indie Education.




Kevin Poulton image
Kevin Poulton
Board Member since 2011
Rod Winner image
Rod Winner
Deputy Chairperson
Board Member since 2022
Harry Fowler image
Harry Fowler
Board Member since 2019
Rodney Wangman image
Rodney Wangman
Chief Executive Officer
Principal Indie Schools, Company Secretary
Kerry Oldman image
Kerry Oldman
Board Member since 2023
Kate Davidson image
Kate Davidson
Board Member since 2021
Chris Todd image
Chris Todd
Board Member since 2021
Hamish Johnston image
Hamish Johnston
Board Member since 2022